Ice Rentals

Edge Sports Center Ice Rentals

Due to our expansion to a second ice rink we have adult ice open for next fall and winter. Please see the available hours below.

Below are the available ice hours for next fall and winter.

9/3/13 – 12/1/13

*Week day mornings 6 AM available on both ice rinks except for Thursday on Upper Ice Rink

Lower Rink                    Upper Rink

Monday                10:30 PM                        9:10 PM
Tuesday               10:30 PM                       10:20 PM
Wednesday                                                  10:20 PM
Thursday             10:30 PM                     10:20 PM
Friday                   10:30 PM                      10:20 PM
Saturday             9:20 PM, 10:10 PM    7:40 PM, 8:50 PM, 10:00PM
Sunday                10:10 PM                        9:20 PM, 10:30 PM

To book our ice, please contact Scott Fusco at