Free-Style Skating

Free Style Skate time is set aside for skaters with coaches, or working on programs. The fee is $15 for one hour for all skaters (coaches are free). Multi-session cards are available for $75 for 6 sessions. Outside coaches and skaters are welcome.

Please follow the link below for the updated Free Style schedule

Click here for Free Style Ice Schedule!

*August 25th schedule change: Freestyle is now 4:00-4:50pm*


Please note the following schedule changes for August 30th and 31st.

Saturday, August 30th – Added Freestyle 1:00 – 3:50 PM                   Upper Rink

Sunday, August 31st – Freestyle time changed to 2:10 – 5:20 PM      Lower Rink

New Free Style Times for September 2nd through 5th

6:00 – 11:40 AM  Upper Rink

1:00 – 3:20   PM   Lower Rink